EarthTeach Forest Park 2007-08 Members

~ Dragonfly ~
In Honor of Patty Abraham
Cleve Anderson & Lynn Anne Scalzi *
~ in honor of Audrey Anderson
The Ashland Institute
Polly Beach
The Biesanz Family
The Buser-McKissick Family
Trish Broersma
Sarah Grace Clark
Carly Dreyfus
Carl Esche
~ for Earth Heart Program
Ananda Foley & David LaChapelle
~ pledged for the Way of the Mountainin memory of Ed & Dolores LaChapelle
Les Garwood
Rob Geiser
Soul Canyon Training & Development
~ in honor of learning to live life to the fullest.
Karl Haynes
The Heine Family
Lasting Wellness
The Norvell Family
~ in memory of Suzanne Brooks
The Parker-Shames Family
William and Shirley Patton
For Kasey Sullivan*
Grant Williams

~ Flicker ~
The Baughman Family
The Beaudoin Family - Rich, Maribeth, Erin & Will*
Jan & Andy Boyer*
Jana Carole & Keith Swink
Michael Cecil*
Candice Chapman
Christina Cole
~ in honor of Edra “mom” Stoskopf
Pete & Martha Cotton
~ celebrating Beth, Megs, Reid, Sarah & Virginia Jean!*
The Corey Family
The Daspit-Greksouk Family
Kim Dalzell
Janis Dufort
in memory of Virginia Way Cotton
The Johnson-Black Family
Marilyn Joyce
~ in honor of the Cotton Family
Lois Hamilton
~ in honor of Mother Earth & Goddess Energy
The Newton-Hansen Family
Laurence Kahn
Arthur Sherman and Kathleen Kollock
Roger and Nancy Way Lienke
~ in memory of Virginia “Ginny” Way Cotton
In Honor of the Roger & Tupper & Tom Lienke Families
Christine Leonard
Scott & Kaela McGuire for Taran McGuire
Dean and Jeanie Phelps*
The Oddo Family
Julie O’Dwyer
Margaret Rubin
Grant & Patti Ruiz
Jim Schlight*
Walt Stokes*
Ashland Remodeling Stokes Built

~ Coyote ~

Yvonne Bethe
The Burdick Family
-~in memory of Robert Merl Burdick
The Chasey Family
~ in memory of Suki - our wolf dog
Linda McGuire & Robert Clowes*
Chris & Nikki Cotton
Sam & Mary Ann Davis
For Claire Dawson
David and Leslie
Alan and Rebecca DeBoer
& Town and Country Chevrolet
Sean Downey*
Marc & Beth Heller*
The Heyerman Family
~ honoring of the friendship between Ginny Cotton & Robbie Collins
Kirk Imus
Maraya Kennedy-Friedman & Michael Brown
~ in honor of Vision Questors & learning!
Frank and Suzanne Lang*
Sarah Jones and Steven Marshank
Carol Pagnini
The Pearson Family
The Rose Circle
Marc & Roanna Rosewood & Pangea Restuarant
Lynn Sacks ~ in memory of Sylvia Tanenberg
The Saxton Family
Linda Brown & Richard Schaeff~in memory of Mildred McDuff
Larry and Dawn Steiner*

~ Sugar Pine ~
The Boles Family
Tim Brandy & Patricia Scalo
Jack & Julie Davis*
Rod and Brooks Newton & Hidden Springs Wellness Center
The Raynolds-Bolles Family
The Fennell Family*
Gordon Scott & Concentric Rings Construction*
Treg and Laura Scott
Lee and Sylvia Shapiro*
~ Life and the Pursuit Thereof
Robert. Kelli & Spenser Stevens
~ in memory of Barbara Ann Phillips
Darrell and Judy Strickler
Two Moons Tea Company*

~ Challenge Adventurers ~
Kimonui Holgen
The Jeff & Paula Cotton Family

~ Adopt an Acre ~
Anonymous~in memory of All Our Relations &in honor of All Our Relations
~Thanks for doing so much for us, the Earth and kids of all ages
The Bayless Family
Karen Ann Brown*
~in honor of Mother Earth(~ two acres ~)
Pillar of Light Community
Jack and Crissy Beadle
The Christofferson Family
Richard and Reagan Dean
~in honor of Christian and Elle Dean
Ann Fuller
The Friedman Family
Arnold, Grace and Reid Mason
Sean & Jennifer Myers
Lee and Sylvia Shapiro
( ~ five acres ~)
Laurel Miller & Mitchell Sherman
~ in honor of the Cottons whose vision begets other’s visions
Barbara Messmore
Jeff Roberti & Associates
Dr. William Rodden
& The Retina and Vitreous Center of Southern Oregon

~ Membership Founding Families ~
John & Kathy Chmelir
The Phelps-Cotton Family
Jack & Julie Davis
The Irvine Family
Dan & Linda Jackson
Sharon and John Javna
Robert Maclellan
Tom Reid
Robert S. Riley
Lee and Sylvia Shapiro
Larry and Dawn Steiner

~ Stewards Of EarthTeach ~ Donations, Grants & In Kind Gifts

Cynthia Davenport-Gompers~ in support of children in “The Park”
Fine Arts at EarthTeach
~ in gratitude & joy for arts in nature
The John Muir School
Legacy from The Heart
~ in support personal growth for teen youth

Kids In Nature “KINship” Scholarship Donors
Karen Cabron
Martha Phelps & Peter W. Cotton
Margaret Rubin
Grant & Patti Ruiz
The Saxton Family

*Renewed Membership Support