The Way Foundation Board of Trustees
& Advisory Members
(we are currently updating trustee and advisory biographies)

Molly Kreuzman, Board President

Sharon Bolles, Board Trustee -

Bethany Way Enders Cotton, J.D.- Board Trustee
Bethany Cotton earned her certificate in Environmental and Natural Resources Law, specialization in Animal Law at Lewis & Clark Law School. Currently practicing for the Pacific Environmental Advocacy Center, Bethany brings her environmental and legal expertise to the EarthTeach Board of Trustees in combination with a lifelong relationship with EarthTeach Park itself. Having literally grown up in the Park's gatehouse and explored the land for nearly three decades, she brings a strong sense of personal integrity for the care of the Park to all that she offers in its service.

Pasted Graphic 2 Peter W. Cotton, EdD. EarthTeach Founder & Board Trustee
It would be fair to say that Pete knows the EarthTeach land nearly as well as the forest knows itself. His first visit to the 1680 acres was over 62 years ago, when he watched the logging that was taking place there. Those experiences in his boyhood combined with a Bachelor of Design Architecture and both a Masters degree in Education and Doctorate in Alternative Education developed into his personal vision and action to create a living legacy for the Southern Oregon community, a wild forest park and a safe place for all of us to learn and grow with and from.

DSCN8780Tim Brandy, Park Advisory -

Joe Keuzman, Park Advisory -