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John Muir students "cross over" to a new school year.
Rogue River, Tou Velle Park, Sept. 06

John Muir School opened its doors in September of 2006. A magnat school focusing on natural science and arts, John Muir currently serves seventy-five children in kindergarten through eighth grade.  Children achieve the standards and acquire the knowledge mandated by the State of Oregon through experiential based education including workshops, peer collaboration, independent investigation and concept construction. 

“Extending Our Campus”
(From The John Muir September 06 Newsletter)

In order to fully immerse and stimulate the senses of children, we believe that we must get them outside of the classroom.
As we move beyond the traditional confines of the classroom, nature becomes our text. The world becomes our campus. Lithia Park is one part of our campus on Fridays.

Over the summer, parents and procurators, Martha Phelps and Pete Cotton, asked us to consider extending our campus to Earth Teach Park. This is a wonderful, natural area within a short distance of John Muir School.

Last week, Tim took the older students in sixth and seventh grade to Earth Teach overnight. They carried backpacks for a mile up a dirt road and set up a camp that will be another study area for John Muir students this year.

Here they cooked over a campfire, cleaned up around a natural spring, cleared a fire ring and explored. It was a wonderful opportunity for them to learn more about each other, learn to work together and become comfortable in the woods.

It is possible that in the future, a permanent site will be constructed on the Earth Teach property for children to use throughout the year, in all kinds of weather. They will ultimately come to know this land with deep intimacy. They’ll know its plants and animals, hills and valleys and the interactions within and between the ecosystems.

Want to help? We need a few backpacks and warm sleeping bags for field trips with the older class. If you can, please volunteer to call outdoor stores that rent such equipment and ask if they will donate or sell at a discount these supplies to John Muir School.

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